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cms websiteIf you're looking for an easy to edit website, otherwise known as a CMS (Content Management System) site, then you are visiting the right place. We believe that we have the best Content Management System available on the web - for less than you might expect.

Further more, we don't give you the basic package and add modules to bump up the price we customize them to fit into your requirement.

All our work  comply fully with current web standards from the W3C.
 cms websiteFeatures:

  • Unlimited pages option
  • Data Base Driven
  • Include Java Script
  • Self Admin and Update Section
  • Restricted Access Level for users
  • Search engine (bronze submission}
  • A free or .com domain name
  • Free Pay-Per-Click Advice
  • Flash Animation (if required)
  • Graphics and Images(if required)
  • Logo Design (if required)
  • Website Statistics(if required)
  • Search engine Submission